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A 20-20 culture communication template tool for multinational management

  • Authors: Bharadwaj A.
    Year: 2023 | IIM Calcutta
    Source: Business and Professional Communication Quarterly
    DOI: 10.1177/23294906231159345

The article deals with intercultural business communication challenges that complicate discourses in multinational organizations. The article explores the cultural incompatibility problems with their corresponding cultural dimensions extracted from the seminal theories of intercultural management to...(Read Full Abstract)

A digital socio-technical innovation to bridge rural–urban education divide: a social entrepreneurial perspective

  • Authors: Bandyopadhyay S., Bardhan A., Dey P., Basak J.
    Year: 2023 | IIM Calcutta
    Source: Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
    DOI: 10.1007/978-981-19-7447-2_11

The paper addresses the problem of extant rural–urban divide regarding access to quality education and training and describes a sustainable social entrepreneurial model using social technologies (Social technology is an umbrella term used to capture a wide variety of terminologies depicting intern...(Read Full Abstract)

A multi-objective optimization model for outpatient care delivery with service fairness

  • Authors: Datta S., Kapoor R., Mehta P.
    Year: 2023 | IIM Calcutta
    Source: Business Process Management Journal
    DOI: 10.1108/BPMJ-07-2022-0335

Purpose: Outpatient care delivery is one of the key revenue sources of a hospital which plays a salient role in timely care delivery. The key purpose of the study is to propose a multi-objective simulation-based decision support model that considers the cost of care delivery and patient dissatisfact...(Read Full Abstract)

A study on equity home bias using vine copula approach

  • Authors: Garg J., Karmakar M., Paul S.
    Year: 2023 | IIM Calcutta
    Source: North American Journal of Economics and Finance
    DOI: 10.1016/j.najef.2022.101860

The study investigates if the mean-downside risk optimization technique for asset allocation can shed new light on the equity home bias puzzle. We propose a combined EGARCH-EVT-C-vine copula approach to properly capture the stylized properties of asset return series and estimate the downside risk ap...(Read Full Abstract)

Are business groups different from other family firms? evidence from corporate investments during political uncertainty

Using a large sample of Indian family firms, we examine the investment behaviour of group-affiliated family firms versus standalone family firms during local state elections. While state elections negatively affect corporate investments, family firms invest more than non-family firms. Therefore, usi...(Read Full Abstract)

Are self-sacrificing employees liked by their supervisor?

  • Authors: Bande B., Kimura T., Fernández-Ferrín P., Castro-González S., Goel A.
    Year: 2023 | IIM Calcutta
    Source: Eurasian Business Review
    DOI: 10.1007/s40821-023-00243-6

Despite the growing prevalence of employee exemplification in the workplace, there is limited understanding of this assertive self-focused tactic. This study proposes to expand the exemplification research domain by exploring the emotional and behavioral conditions under which this impression manage...(Read Full Abstract)

Blockchain and the carbon credit ecosystem: sustainable management of the supply chain

  • Authors: Basu P., Deb P., Singh A.
    Year: 2023 | IIM Calcutta
    Source: Journal of Business Strategy
    DOI: 10.1108/JBS-09-2022-0157

Purpose: Businesses must now track the complicated supply chains of their products, which involve different manufacturers and suppliers. However, because supply chains are scattered across multiple countries and involve many institutions, it becomes an overwhelming practical challenge to ensure tran...(Read Full Abstract)

Bringing postcolonial women writers to executive education: case of women managers’ program in India

  • Authors: Jammulamadaka N., Akella P.
    Year: 2023 | IIM Calcutta
    Source: Postcolonial Feminism in Management and Organization Studies: Critical Perspectives from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh
    DOI: 10.4324/9781003197270-10

Despite several women writers of South Asian origin writing on the postcolonial condition, management education, especially executive education, ignores the postcolonial. Even though a plethora of executive education programs target women managers in the contemporary diversity and inclusion era, the...(Read Full Abstract)

Caste, courts and business

  • Authors: Chakraborty T., Mukherjee A., Saha S., Shukla D.
    Year: 2023 | IIM Calcutta
    Source: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
    DOI: 10.1016/j.jebo.2023.05.037

We study the role of formal institutions of contract enforcement in facilitating investments in small and medium firms(MSME). In a framework where established entrepreneurs can enforce contracts informally using their network ties and hierarchical advantage, we argue that an efficient formal judicia...(Read Full Abstract)

Contested food, conflicting policies: health and development in tribal communities in India

This paper explores the deep connections between experiences of health and changes in the local ecology, farming, and food consumption practices among tribal people in Odisha, a state in India. The role of governmental and market actors in initiating and reinforcing these changes is analysed in a po...(Read Full Abstract)

Customer development-product development dilemmas in startup firms: a qualitative investigation into founder's involvement

  • Authors: Eesley D.T., Sharma Y., Singh R., Sindhav B.
    Year: 2023 | IIM Calcutta
    Source: Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship
    DOI: 10.1108/JRME-02-2022-0014

Purpose: Entrepreneurship literature recognizes the founder’s involvement as a salient factor in determining the success of startups. Nevertheless, its role in conjunction with the marketing roles of founders has been relatively unexplored. Very little is known about how founder’s involvement in...(Read Full Abstract)

Decolonizing inclusion in performing academia: trans-inclusion as phronetic border thinking/doing praxis

  • Authors: Jammulamadaka N., Faria A.
    Year: 2023 | IIM Calcutta
    Source: Gender, Work and Organization
    DOI: 10.1111/gwao.12955

In this paper, inspired by Gloria Anzaldúa, we draw upon our embodied experiences as non-white scholars from different parts of the South to examine our complicity and responsibility for inclusion in performing a Western, neoliberal, diversity-oriented, globalizing academia such as the United State...(Read Full Abstract)

Determining the optimal release time of movies: a study of movie and market characteristics

  • Authors: Sharma M., Basu S., Chakraborty S., Bose I.
    Year: 2023 | IIM Calcutta
    Source: Decision Support Systems
    DOI: 10.1016/j.dss.2022.113893

The over-the-top (OTT) industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years with a sharp increase in the number of subscribers, leading to increased competition among OTT platforms to acquire movie rights. Consequently, the gap between the theatrical and OTT releases has been diminishing over th...(Read Full Abstract)

Do professional management accountants in business understand their professional code of ethics? evidence from the Indian context

  • Authors: Ghosh A., Bhuyan N.
    Year: 2023 | IIM Calcutta
    Source: Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies
    DOI: 10.1108/JAEE-04-2022-0119

Purpose: This paper aims to provide an objective and comprehensive evaluation of the understanding of the professional code of ethics of Indian Professional Management Accountants in Business (PMAIBs). It further delves into their individual, job and organizational characteristics as determinants of...(Read Full Abstract)

Does earnings management affect linguistic features of MD&A disclosures?

Earnings management literature considers high disclosure complexity as indicative of obfuscation. We argue that this singular focus on disclosure complexity can be misleading as managers adopt other obfuscation strategies too to conceal earnings management. We examine several alternative obfuscation...(Read Full Abstract)

Does increased credibility of elections lead to higher political competition? evidence from India

  • Authors: Chatterjee S., Mookerjee M., Ojha M., Roy S.
    Year: 2023 | IIM Calcutta
    Source: European Journal of Political Economy
    DOI: 10.1016/j.ejpoleco.2022.102277

A large amount of administrative effort is directed towards making elections credible and reducing electoral fraud in large democracies. However, it is not clear if such policy efforts have a feedback effect on political competition. In this paper, we exploit plausibly exogenous variation in percept...(Read Full Abstract)

Domain-independent real-time service provisioning in digital platforms: featuring bundling and customer time-preference

  • Authors: Mukherjee A., Rangaraja P. S., Vander Meer D., Dutta K.
    Year: 2023 | IIM Calcutta
    Source: Decision Support Systems
    DOI: 10.1016/j.dss.2023.113927

Digital platforms have emerged as an important technology underpinning the new economy. A key problem in such platforms concerns provisioning decisions for customer-service requests, in order to maximize the provider's revenue subject to resource availability. Provisioning is important to meet custo...(Read Full Abstract)

Economic geography of contagion: a study of covid-19 outbreak in India

  • Authors: Chakraborty T., Mukherjee A.
    Year: 2023 | IIM Calcutta
    Source: Journal of Population Economics
    DOI: 10.1007/s00148-022-00935-9

We propose a mechanism based on regional inequality in economic activity to explain the heterogeneity in the spread of COVID-19 and test it using data from India. Contagion is expected to spread at a higher rate in regions characterized by greater movement of goods and services. We argue that mobili...(Read Full Abstract)

Economic policy uncertainty and incentive to smooth earnings

  • Authors: Chauhan Y., Jaiswall M.
    Year: 2023 | IIM Calcutta
    Source: International Review of Economics and Finance
    DOI: 10.1016/j.iref.2023.01.014

We examine how economic policy-induced uncertainty influences managers' discretionary accounting choices to achieve a smoother earnings stream. We find that managers offset the partial risk of policy uncertainty on reported earnings by using discretionary accruals. We mainly observe that firms repor...(Read Full Abstract)

Educational approaches to enable marketplace metacognition and social intelligence in subsistence consumers

  • Authors: Sharma Y., Jaikumar S.
    Year: 2023 | IIM Calcutta
    Source: Journal of Consumer Marketing
    DOI: 10.1108/JCM-10-2019-3454

Purpose: Subsistence marketplace can be characterized as a marketplace with widespread cognitive and social vulnerabilities, due to low income and low literacy levels. This may result in retailers exploiting the consumers. The purpose of this research paper is to develop a holistic learning program ...(Read Full Abstract)